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The purpose of the Security Of Payment Act NSW is to resolve payment disputes and non-payment through adjudication.

Adjudication under the Security Of Payment Act NSW is a process whereby a claimant, once they are entitled under the Act, lodges an adjudiation application for determination by an eligible adjudicator.

If the respondent (debtor) has served a vaild payment schedule they may lodge an adjudication response setting out their position in respect of the payment claim that they have received.

Both the adjudication application and the adjudication response are to be in writing consisting of written submissions and supporting evidence. No appearances by either party are required.

Once an adjudicator is appointed, the determination must be made within 10 business days.

And adjudicator’s determination is binding and is enforceable through the NSW courts.

Our services include the preparation of Security Of Payment Act NSW Adjudication Applications.

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